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Hello beautiful! Thank you for stopping by. I’m Amber Ryce, a San Diego based beauty artist. I specialize in: permanent makeup (powder brows and lip blush), bridal, special occasion, photo shoots, fashion.


My love and passion for makeup started as a young girl dancing competitively, where I learned stage makeup quickly and it came naturally. 

After high school I pursued beauty by applying to one of the biggest names in beauty, MAC Cosmetics, where I evolved as a professional artist. It was a very rewarding experience with consistent training. Most rewarding was the connections I made daily, I took pride in my work and relations with clients, mentors and peers. With that I am now able to freelance on my own. Thank you to all those connections that are now lasting relationships.


My passion is fueled by my desire to help a woman’s inner beauty shine on the outside. Throughout my career, I am rewarded by the confidence a woman exudes after her makeover. #slayalldayeveryday. I absolutely love what I do and my eyes light up still today when I transform someone.

I look forward to sharing my passion with you and enhancing all of your beautiful qualities with makeup. I want you to leave my makeup chair feeling like your best version ever. 

Meet amber

xo, amber

Vision Statement

I believe in embracing each individuals uniqueness. To spread the power of true beauty that is skin deep. You are all beautifully made.

(Pslam 139:13)


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